A B O U T    M E

As a young man, I was an avid reader. We were a religious family and in our household we didn't watch much television. Like William Goldman said in The Princess Bride, "When I was your age, television was called books." 
Many writers that inspired me then, such as L. Frank Baum, still resonate with me today. Hemingway, Updike and Roald Dahl are my literary idols. I am also a huge fan of playwrights Harold Pinter, Annie Baker and Teresa Rebeck.
I chose to live in Dallas for a number of reasons, proximity to the film communities in Austin and Shreveport, the large theater scene, and the ability to fly nearly anywhere from DFW airport. It's a great place.

It's funny - growing up in North Dakota, Dallas was as exotic a locale as say, Paris or Fiji. I now live on Main Street in Downtown Dallas with my partner Olivia, and our two dogs. While it's not quite Paris, it is home.  
I am an avid skydiver, a fan of college and professional football, a bit of a foodie, and am often described as an all-around lovable asshole. When I'm not working or writing, I'm typically on my couch watching Frasier re-runs on Netflix, or the latest Top Chef.
And yes. I was on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
Jeff Burleson on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire