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The Full Monty

"Jeff Burleson is equally as engaging as Dave, the stay at home husband with a bit more belly than he'd prefer to bear. His character arc of depression to self-acceptance is endearing..."



Hitchcock Blonde

"Jeff Burleson’s portrayal of Alex gives the character a convincing awkwardness that will have you truly questioning the purity of his intentions with Nicola up to the very end."

Dallas Observer

The 1st Annual Gay Show

[In reference to] "...audience plant Jeff Burleson as the token straight white man.... No image lingers from any of the shows like the final, compassionate moment when the shoe is suddenly on the other foot."

Dallas Morning-News

The Dead Guy

"Jeff Burleson plays Eldon with just the right amounts of loser and charm. You can see why he has nothing to lose, but also why Gina thinks the audience would take to him. Mr. Burleson brings lots of layers to a character that could easily be ruined by a one-note performance."

The Column Online 

Other Desert Cities (Circle Theatre)

"Every member of this cast is just off-the-charts good. Mayfield and Burleson are excellent in their supporting roles and make sure their characters serve the script’s ends (she wounds, he heals) in exactly the right measure."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 

Other Desert Cities (Theatre3)

"Burleson’s Trip is all smiles and apologies in the beginning, but he has a convincing decisive moment when he reminds his whining sister that she is, in fact, a rich girl..."


Much Ado About Nothing

"Burleson’s testosterone-infused turn as the idiot Constable Dogberry is hugely entertaining..."

Oklahoma Gazette

Twelfth Night

"As the jester, Jeffrey Burleson nails some of the best lines in the play and gets to showcase his lovely singing voice."

Oklahoma Gazette 


Fat Pig

"Burleson...is adorable and likeable as Tom.  His honesty and confusion is realistic enough that everyone is pulling for him even when he acts rather two-faced with Helen, insisting her size doesn’t matter while allowing his coworkers to convince him otherwise."

The Edmond Sun 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

"Randle McMurphy...was emotional and moving. Burleson easily had down the cocky McMurphy with his swagger and hands in his pockets. [But his] wavering voice and keen eyes showed the depth of who McMurphy was as he interacted with Chief. These multiple facets of McMurphy were easily distinguished through the mannerism and vocal inflection..."

The Column Online

Photo by Jeffrey Schmidt